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The Doctor Consultation

The medical field has many particular areas of expertise. It could be it dentistry, optometry, erectile dysfunction, even proctology. But in all disciplines, there is a basic, key skill set required for any successful physician: patience.

A recent study done by the University of Florida states that during a consultation doctors allow patients just eleven seconds to describe their symptoms before cutting them off.

I’m not sure who they interviewed for this study, but it wasn’t any of the doctors at American Male Medical.

L-I-S-T-E-N-I-N-G is just as important to our doctors, and as effective a tool, as any part of the physical examination itself. That’s why every appointment here begins with a consultation. And there is no timer on it. We want every bit of information we can obtain to help us to understand the individual needs of a patient. It is the first step in the process which assists us in coming up with the proper solution for their problem.

The survey offers a few possible reasons for the eleven-second consultation. These include doctor burnout, tight schedules or just poor communication skills. What the article doesn’t mention is that NONE of these is acceptable.

We promise patients a relaxed, professional atmosphere. We treat our patients with respect for both their medical condition and their privacy. No one is rushed here, not because it would be rude, but because it ill serves the purpose of the physician. And, more importantly, the patient.

At a consultation, the patient tells us why he’s in for an appointment. First, he explains what he’s experiencing and what he’d like to experience. Second, he informs us how it is affecting his life, what changes in his life he’s looking for. It’s also when a patient reviews his medical history with us, as well as which prescription medications he’s taking if any.

This can’t be accomplished in eleven seconds. Besides that, we can’t properly perform our job without this information.

Come see us.

Tell us how we can help.

And take your time doing so.