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Low Testosterone (LT) Treatment

American Male Medical Provides Safe Low Testosterone (Low-T) Treatments. Locations in Lewisville (Dallas) TX, Nashville TN, Sherman Oaks and Irvine CA. Since 1998, Trusted Men’s Health Clinics’. Visit Your Nearest American Male Medical Clinic and Speak with our Low-T Doctor Today.

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Effects of Low Testosterone

When a man hits the age of thirty, he stops producing testosterone. He will experience a marked decrease in energy levels, lower libido (desire for sex), increased body fat, memory loss, irregular sleep patterns, and others.

In the past, it was called “getting older” and there was not much you could do about it. But now, with modern medicine, doctors can reintroduce testosterone back into your body, giving you increased energy levels, heightened sexual desire, lower body fat, lower cholesterol levels, improved sleep patterns, better moods and may other benefits.

A low level of Testosterone can cause many sexual complications and impact a man’s overall health. Low testosterone symptoms can be mild or severe, but they will not get better if left untreated.

How are the symptoms of low testosterone in men diagnosed?

A simple blood test can identify and diagnose Low Testosterone levels that often cause a man’s low t symptoms.

Low testosterone treatment options

Treatment options include low testosterone therapy or other hormone therapies and/or replacement. Physicians at American Male Medical work with each individual patient to identify and treat Low T when it is affecting your sexual health and overall vitality.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of Low T make an appointment to see one of our doctors today!