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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Thousands of men with various sexual health conditions have been treated by American Male Medical. We invite you to get in touch with us right away to find out if we can make your life more fulfilling, joyful, and healthy.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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So how can a man determine if he has low t?
What are the options available to treat low testosterone?

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone. Testosterone effects many characteristics of what many people associate with being a man. As men age, Testosterone levels tend to decrease. The loss of Testosterone may begin as part of the aging process. Some men experience decreased levels of Testosterone as early as the age of 30.

There are many symptoms that may be related to decreased testosterone levels.:

  • Decreased energy levels
  • Loss of sex drive or libido
  • Loss of bone density
  • Weight gain
So how can a man determine if he has low t?

It is necessary to consult with a trained licensed doctor, and have your blood tested, to determine whether a person has low testosterone levels. If you have some of the symptoms associated with low testosterone, getting evaluated by a doctor who specializes in treating low T is an important first step in determining if you could benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

If you do have low testosterone levels, your doctor will, in consultation with other medical professionals, determine the best options available for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Some of the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy can manifest themselves in just a few weeks after treatment has begun.

These benefits may include:

• Increased sex drive
• Improved energy levels
• Increased mental clarity
• Weight loss
• Increased muscle mass
• Better sleep patterns
• Bone density may increase
• Improvements in mental clarity and concentration
• Improvements in Mood

What are the options available to treat low testosterone?

There are many different treatment options available for administering testosterone. Options include injections, topical gels, and patches. American Male Medical offers different treatment options as determined by patients need, and Doctors specific recommendations.

It is important to understand that not everyone is a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy. If you have a history of cancer, especially prostate cancer, testosterone replacement therapy is generally not recommended. Make sure your doctor is aware of your medical history, and any preexisting conditions including family medical history.

American Male Medical has treated thousands of men who suffer from different types of sexual health issues.

We invite you to contact us today and see if we can help you to lead a fuller, happier, and healthier life.

Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this article is to be considered medical advice, or an offer of treatment. Only a licensed, trained doctor can determine if a person needs medical attention, and what the correct course of treatment would be.

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