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PT-141 Peptide Therapy in Lewisville Dallas TX, Nashville TN, Sherman Oaks & Irvine CA

Visit American Male Medical to get PT-141 Peptide Therapy for enhanced sexual health for both you and her. Call us and schedule a consultation today. We have locations near you in Lewisville (Near Dallas TX), Nashville TN, Sherman Oaks and Irvine CA.

Boost the Female Libido with PT-141

The Next Big Thing in Sexual Performance Enhancement for You and Her!

Back in 1989, scientists in Wales were searching for a new way to battle angina. Their pill failed, but test subjects noticed an interesting side effect – erections. Thus, Viagra was born.

And now, in a similar manner, from a search for a sunless tanning solution comes a superior sexual stimulant, PT-141!

PT-141, also known as Bremelanotide, is a synthetic peptide that helps both men AND women. PT-141 not only assists men and women physically – by increasing blood flow to our bodies’ sexual organs – but it helps mentally too, by increasing our desire to have sex.

Unlike Viagra and Cialis, which are PDE-5 inhibitors which work to get blood into the penis, PT-141 is a melanocortin, which works on the mind, increasing sexual desire. In short, most erectile dysfunction drugs work on the penis, PT-141 works on your body and your mind. And the best part? It works on both men and women.

Here’s what men are saying about PT-141”

“I felt a great surge of affection (greater than any regular level of arousal) for my lovely wife. My body tingled and, yes, I developed an erection that wouldn’t quit.”

“On the five-point scale, I would rate the erection I had as a six.”

“For two hours the drug wouldn’t let me out of its grasp – nor my wife out of mine.

“By comparison, Viagra is a French Fry, while PT-141 is a full Thanksgiving meal with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, salad, cranberry dressing, pumpkin pie and soft fresh buttered rolls. There is no comparison.”

And women:

“I experimented with PT 141 for about 6 weeks and I noticed a definite increase in sexual desire.”

“An intense arousal.”
“Genital warmth, tingling and throbbing, and a strong desire to have sex!”
“With PT-141 you feel good, not just sexually aroused,
you feel younger and more energized.”

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