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What Kind of Doctor Should I See for Sexual Problems?

What Kind of Doctor Should I See for Sexual Problems?

Are you looking for a sexual health specialist? At American Male, our professionals strictly treat these problems. We have convenient locations to serve you in Lewisville TX, Nashville TN, Sherman Oaks, and Irvine CA. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online.

What Kind of Doctor Should I See for Sexual Problems? | American Male Medical
What Kind of Doctor Should I See for Sexual Problems? | American Male Medical

Table of Contents:

What kind of doctor should I see for sexual problems?
Can American Male Medical help me with sexual problems?
What causes sexual dysfunction?

Sexual health is essential for a good quality of life, and it is also vital for the purposes of reproduction. Sexual dysfunction is a common condition experienced by almost everyone at least once throughout their life. This can physically manifest in many different ways, from sexual performance to libido. While women can visit a gynecologist for sexual problems, men often find themselves in the position of not knowing who to consult. This can make it very frustrating when trying to confront our problems, and can even leave them unchecked.

What kind of doctor should I see for sexual problems?

The best kind of doctor to see for male sexual problems are sexual health specialists that strictly treat these issues. While many men might think of visiting a urologist, they strictly treat dysfunctions of the urinary system, which would not make them as qualified as other specialists. When experiencing ED (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation), and Low T (low testosterone), it is imperative to seek treatment from a doctor who strictly specializes in treating these conditions, such as the doctors at American Male Medical. This is very key—urologists are NOT ED specialists—WE are. Many patients make the mistake of going to a urologist under the false assumption that they are ED specialists. A urologist treats kidney stones, urinary tract infections, STDs, bladder problems, prostate issues, and other related problems.

We treat ED/PE/Low T only. Approximately 90% of our doctor’s time is spent treating ED, so we are the true specialists.

Why is this distinction so important? Because when a urologist hears a patient say, “I have ED,” they right away think, “You need Viagra or Cialis.” These are the medications big pharma pushes. They prescribe it and often find that it does not work, because the patient has high blood pressure or diabetes, and the average urologist does not know that these medications have zero chance of working when a man has those conditions and/or others. We see a lot of upset patients when they learn this AFTER purchasing an expensive medication such as Viagra because their urologist prescribed it.

Can American Male Medical help me with sexual problems?

Yes, we certainly can! If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or low testosterone, we can help you overcome these issues and greatly improve your sexual health. So not only will you be satisfied, your partner will be as well!

What causes sexual dysfunction?

There are many causes of sexual dysfunction, both physical and psychological causes. Physical causes are much more common than psychological ones, although they both play a part in sexual health. Physical causes include:

• Urological infections or cancer
• Diabetes
• Cardiovascular disease (heart disease/blood vessel disease)
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Hormonal imbalances
• Alcoholism
• Drug abuse
• Neurological disorders
• Chronic diseases, such as kidney failure
• Nerve damage

Psychological causes include:

• Concerns about sexual performance
• Feelings of guilt about sexual desire/activity
• Relationship problems
• Depression
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Low self-esteem or body image issues
• Effects of past sexual trauma
• A negative sexual experience

At American Male Medical, we care about your sexual health. Our kind and compassionate professionals are true specialists when it comes to ED, PE, and Low T, and treat thousands of these cases every year. This incredible amount of experience makes us uniquely qualified to treat these problems, and we have a huge success and satisfaction rate with our patients, simply because we know what we are doing, and we have a passion for helping others. We have four locations to better serve you: in Lewisville-Dallas, TX, Irvine, CA, Nashville, TN, and Sherman Oaks, CA. We look forward to serving you!

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