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What does it mean to be an American Male? The name and topic are synonymous with Youth, Vitality, and the drive to succeed.

But what it means to the individual may be quite different depending on the person. I remember growing up always meant going to the Football games on Friday night with your best girl, and your buddies. Working on your cars to see who had had the best engine or tires was always high on the list.

Being an American Male means different things to different people. Maybe that means working hard to take care of your family, attending picnics on Sunday afternoons after church, the pie eating contest, or who got the ribbon for the best ribs and steaks.

Did you ever go to the county fair, and enter your pigs and cattle to see who would be the champion, and get the Blue ribbon? All of these things and many more, are just a part of being an American Male.

When we are young, we are almost invincible. But as the years pass, and time takes its toll on our bodies and minds, we start to deal with the realities of age. It is not bad to age at all. Don’t get me wrong. The alternative to aging is the grave, and if you have lost friends or family to that reality, you begin to appreciate every year that passes more and more.

In the old days there was very little we could do to keep in shape, and to try and stave off the ravages of time. We would go to the gym, and do our best to compete with all the young people. To show them that we were still relevant. We were not over the hill. Maybe time has taken its toll on our bodies, but our minds are still sound. We remember our first date, with the woman who later became our wife and partner in life. The woman who gave us a family, and gave our lives meaning after having the fastest car got old.

Fortunately, medical science has improved tremendously, and where many men would have died of some disease or ailment in what is now considered middle age, we are able to continue living full and meaningful lives.

We are even able to keep our love lives going as we age. Not too many years ago many men would start to suffer with a loss of their love lives maybe in their 50’s or 60’s because of what some call Men’s sexual health issues. Well most of us call it something like “If it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work!” Well time takes its toll on men in many different ways. Now we can still buy a fast car. Though I will never have another 65 Mustang convertible, or a 77 Camero with a 4-barrel carburetor and 4 on the floor, I can still try my best to hang in there with the people who mean the most to me.

I am able to live my life in good health. Things may be a little slower now, but being with the important people in my life, means more every day. Being an American Male is certainly confusing at times, but it has been a wonderful ride. Thanks to doctors like those at American Male Medical it can still be a lot of fun.

Follow your dreams every day.