Wave Therapy Clinic in Dallas, TX

Wave Therapy Clinic in Dallas, TX

Visit American Male Medical to enhance your sex life and boost your sexual health. Wave Therapy is the newest and effective solution for Erectile Dysfunctions. Contact us for prices and specials.

Wave Therapy Clinic in Dallas, TX
Wave Therapy Clinic in Dallas, TX

Erectile dysfunction is a frustrating and confident zapping condition to have. Still, there are ways of treating it that are more than a one-time fix! Wave therapy is a lasting solution to erectile dysfunction because it gets at the root of the problem: blood circulation. At American Male Medical, we are pleased to offer this ground-breaking treatment for erectile dysfunction! Our doctors will treat your condition with care and expertise.

How does wave therapy help with erectile dysfunction?

Studies have shown that wave therapy possesses an unparalleled ability to restore erectile function without any need for medication! It works through a process known as neovascularization, or the formation of new blood vessels in areas where there is poor blood circulation. Reduced blood flow is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction. As such, wave therapy directly confronts the main issue when it comes to erectile dysfunction. While other treatments are palliative in nature, which means that they focus on alleviating pain without addressing the underlying cause, wave therapy aims to restore the full ability of the penis. Thus, wave therapy focuses on enabling the penis to have spontaneous and natural erections, reducing the need to rely on medications like Viagra or Cialis for erectile function.

Is wave therapy safe for erectile dysfunction treatment?

Experts widely agree that wave therapy can safely and effectively treat erectile dysfunction. While it is still early days for the testing of wave therapy for erectile dysfunction, the results are promising. The vast majority of patients have been reportedly satisfied with treatment with little to no adverse effects either during or following therapy.

What should I expect from wave therapy?

Before we proceed with wave therapy, you will have an initial consultation with one of our doctors to evaluate your condition and discuss your medical history. With this information, we will be able to develop a treatment plan designed for your optimal benefit! We will also be able to make sure that wave therapy is the best way forward for you.

Once we ensure that we can safely administer wave therapy to you, we will guide you to a treatment room where the procedure will commence. Your doctor will begin by applying a probe to your penis that is coated in a special gel. This probe will send a series of low-intensity acoustic wave pulsations to the penis, which will initiate a healing response and the neovascularization process. This procedure is minimally invasive and does not require anesthesia, as it is generally a painless experience. You should expect to see results after, at minimum, the second treatment, and these should last for an indefinite amount of time.

How much does wave therapy cost?

Typically, a patient with erectile dysfunction will require about six treatments of wave therapy to achieve optimal results. Given that the average cost of a single session of wave therapy is around $500, the average cost of wave therapy in total is estimated to be approximately $3,000. For our specific wave therapy pricing at American Male Medical, please call us! We are also willing to accommodate flexible payment plans, which you can work out with our financial coordinator, and we offer various specials and promotions!

Experience the revolutionary wave therapy treatment for erectile dysfunction at American Male Medical! If you think this procedure is the right fit for you, please call us or schedule an appointment online! American Male Medical is conveniently located in the Lewisville suburb of Dallas, Texas, at 1850 Lakepointe Drive Ste 500, and is open Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and we are closed on Saturdays to Monday.

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