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The Non-Existent Cure For Premature Ejaculation (P.E.) Bigfoot Riding On A Unicorn

It happens every day.

The phone rings, and it’s a man with premature ejaculation (P.E.) seeking THE CURE.

Not just THE CURE, but the natural-not-prescription solution that is also inexpensive, as in free.

When I explain it does not exist, the response is usually along the lines of, “But I saw a company advertising on the internet that says they have it.”

At this point, the cynic in me is forced to refrain from asking the obvious, “Then why are you calling us instead of them?”

There are dozens of products on the internet, in magazines and even late night TV that claim to be able to cure premature ejaculation, but the keyword here is “claim.”

There is no cure for P.E.

No pill.

No surgery.

No dietary change, no herb, no exercise, no magic potion.

And applying a little common sense here proves the point, because the fact is . . .


Because we’d ALL be taking it, and performing like studmuffins in the sack.

You know why you’ve never heard of it? Because it doesn’t exist.

But there is help for men, for COUPLES, suffering from P.E. (because when YOU suffer from it, so does your partner.) The root of the P.E. problem isn’t the ejaculation (that’s pretty much why we’re there in the first place.) The problem is what happens immediately AFTER the ejaculation – a man loses his erection, and has to stop. At American Male Medical we offer patients a treatment that addresses the root of the problem – losing the erection.

We offer a custom made solution that allows the patient to choose the duration of his erection.

That’s right, you get to choose, anywhere from a half hour to up to two hours.

So, if you tell the doctor you want a rock hard erection that stays hard for one hour, that’s what he’ll adjust your treatment to do. And you’ll remain just as hard post-ejaculation as pre-ejaculation.

You won’t have to stop, you can keep going, to satisfy yourself again, AND your partner.

When we explain this solution to callers, nine out of ten say, “Sign me up!”

The tenth goes off to continue their search for Bigfoot riding a unicorn.