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The Erectile Dysfunction Injection Objection

The Erectile Dysfunction Injection Objections

If you have any concerns about injections, keep on reading. Our doctors are here to help you. Contact us for more information.

The Erectile Dysfunction Injection Objections | American Male Medical
The Erectile Dysfunction Injection Objections | American Male Medical

The Injection Objection

When I was about ten years old, my friend Mike and I got in trouble because we teased another kid in the neighborhood who had a medical condition that required getting an injection. Like any kid, he was afraid of needles. Mike and I decided this was something we could have fun with. We would pretend to have a needle concealed in our hands, approach him, and in a calm voice assure him, “Don’t worry Scott, this won’t hurt a bit,” then we’d chase him.

Naturally, this sent him running home, crying to his mother.

Naturally, Mike and I found this to be hilarious. (Oh sure, like you were perfect when you were ten years old.)

The fear of needles is not restricted to children only. None of us, child or adult, like the idea of an injection. But, it is at times necessary.

Injections are just one of the options available to our patients seeking help for erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation. In some cases, due to a patient’s medical condition, it may be the only viable option.

When a patient states he will absolutely not use injections, we point out a few important pieces of information.

First, we educate them. We advise them we provide premeasured doses that are applied via a spring-loaded device used every day by many men, woman, and children with diabetes. The device makes it a fast, easy, stress-free application, and in just ten minutes you can have a safe, long-lasting erection. If you’re curious as to what it feels like, use your thumb and pointer finger to squeeze the bottom of your earlobe – same thing. It is not uncommon for a patient to ask the doctor if he has already pushed the button on the applicator after he has already done so because he didn’t feel it.

Second, many patients decline the injectable medicine because they wish to keep looking for a viable alternative. But that’s just what it is – a wish, not a reality. The fact is that although there are dozens of medications that purport to help men with erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation, most are scams that you will waste your money on. Searching for an alternative medication is like looking for Bigfoot riding on a unicorn – it doesn’t exist.

It’s normal for men to initially reject the idea of an injectable, but the choice for them isn’t whether to take an erectile dysfunction injection or not, it’s whether they want to EVER HAVE SEX AGAIN, or not. Because sans the injectable medication, that’s what some of you are looking at – no more sex, ever. And remember – you’re NOT alone in this decision, your wife or partner’s life is affected too. If you’re both prepared to say, “That part of life is behind us now,” then you don’t need us. But contemporary couples are enjoying sex into their twilight years. There is no reason to let ED or PE prevent you from enjoying a full and healthy lifestyle, including a sexual component.

So, if you have an injection objection, come in for a sample dose and see how simple and easy it really is. You have nothing to lose. Except maybe your confidence, and/or relationship.

American Male Medical is here to help. If you feel you may be suffering from the signs of erectile dysfunction call us today.

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