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The Attack of the Cyber Docs

The Attack of the Cyber Docs

The year 2018 has seen an onslaught of new players in the Erectile Dysfunction treatment arena – the Cyber Docs, the online pill pushers.

The Attack of the Cyber Docs
The Attack of the Cyber Docs

These are websites where you can buy generic ED pills, and the advantage they claim to offer is this – you don’t have to be examined in person by a licensed physician.

How anyone can think not being examined before taking prescription medications is an “advantage” is beyond me, but we live in a society where “safety first” is considered archaic, replaced by “fast and easy” as the standard requirement of purchasing decisions.

Simply fill out a form on the internet, submit a photo ID, and the pills arrive by mail. Of course if the pills don’t work it’s too late – you’ve already paid for them, which is something that could have been avoided if you had seen a real, live, licensed doctor, an experienced physician who, after examining you in person can tell you what will or won’t work.

An integral part of any basic examination for erectile dysfunction is the Doppler ultrasound, a non-invasive way to check your blood flow. You know how the online doctors check this vital component of an ED exam? They don’t.

Let’s talk restrictions. Got high blood pressure? Can’t help you. Diabetes? Sorry, you’re out of luck. Over 67 years old? Don’t bother calling. Kidney or liver disease? Not a candidate.

And not all of these pills are as inexpensive as advertised. A price comparison shows they can cost up to FOUR times more than you pay at a specialist such as American Male Medical, and that’s BEFORE you factor in any applicable membership dues, online consultation fees and/or shipping costs.

And let’s not forget this important fact when deciding to buy on line: in case of emergency, what do you do, call a website? No, they recommend “In case of emergency call 911.” Wouldn’t you rather have a local, licensed physician you can call or visit BEFORE a situation becomes a medical emergency? Of course you would.

So, basically, the main advantage they offer is you don’t have to get off your butt to drive to a clinic and see a doctor.

Is the trade-off for health concerns, thoroughness of exam/diagnosis, and cost really worth it?

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