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Sex Frequency

Sex Frequency

The study concentrated on sexual activity and contentment. It came to the conclusion that people who had sex more frequently than once a week reported higher levels of happiness.

Sex Frequency
Sex Frequency

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In a study of over 30,000 Americans, published in the journal of Social Psychological & Personality Science, researchers examined the relationship between how often couples reported having sex and whether that related to their reported level of happiness. Researchers concluded that couples having sex once a week were the happiest. Couples having sex two or more times a week were no happier than those having sex once a week. They still reported being happy, but research suggests they’re just as happy as couples having sex at that national average.

So couples having sex at the average of once a week are happy. And couples who have sex more often than that are just as happy. But what about those of us having sex less than once a week?

The Potentially Problematic Response

The study described above focused on sexual frequency and happiness. It concluded that those having sex less than once a week reported lower levels of happiness than those having more sex. But according to other studies, there’s a considerable range of lower than average sexual frequencies. In one of the few studies on the topic of “sexless marriages,” 16% of the 6,029 participants reported not having sex over the last month.3 The lead author of this study, Dr. Donnolly, has similarly estimated that 15% of couples have not had sex in the last 6 months. Using a slightly different unit of measurement, the author of the book “Sex Starved Marriage,” Michele Weiner Davis, defines a “sexless marriage” as one in which couples have sex 10 times a year or less.

The Reason You’re Not Having Sex Matters More

The frequency in which we have sex receives a lot of attention. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to measure and compare our sex lives to our peers. But having lots of bad sex isn’t going to make anyone happy. Nor is it going to leave you feeling satisfied. It’s important to recognize that the reason(s) we aren’t having sex matters more than how often we are having it. That is, if we are fighting  or falling out of love with our partner not having sex could be a symptom of a much larger problem. However, if we are simply really busy, sick, navigating parenthood or an illness, or identify as asexual (the list goes on) then it may be more circumstantial and nothing to panic over.

It’s important t remember that good satisfying sex, even if it’s once a month or less, may be preferable to having sex once a week when it’s not eliciting sexual pleasure or feelings of intimacy and closeness.

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