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Peyronie’s Disease Treatment in Nashville, TN

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Clinic in Nashville, TN

Men who believe they could be suffering from Peyronie’s disease should come to see us here at American Male Medical. We’re experienced in treating conditions like Peyronie’s disease so men can enjoy a healthy sex life again. Call us to schedule an appointment. Our clinic is your local provider of Peyronie’s disease treatment in Nashville, TN.

Peyronie's Disease Treatment Near Me in Nashville, TN
Peyronie's Disease Treatment in Nashville, TN

Table of Contents:

What is Peyronie’s disease?
What is the best treatment for Peyronie’s disease?
How much time does it take to cure Peyronie’s disease?
Do you provide Peyronie’s disease treatment in Nashville, TN?

What is Peyronie’s disease?

This condition results from scar tissue that developed on a man’s penis and causes curved, painful erections. This can affect a man’s sex life significantly, especially if it causes erectile dysfunction (ED). ED, as well as penile shortening, are common concerns. The pain the condition can cause is another significant concern.

It’s important to understand that this condition doesn’t go away by itself, and it can worsen, so it requires professional treatment. The sooner a man gets treated for Peyronie’s disease, the better, and with professional care, symptoms can improve significantly.

There are some common signs and symptoms of Peyronie’s disease, which include scar tissue, a significant bend to the penis, penile shortening, pain, other deformities, and/or erection problems (like getting or maintaining an erection; this is ED and it often occurs before other symptoms occur). Professional treatment is necessary for Peyronie’s disease.

What is the best treatment for Peyronie’s disease?

A simple physical exam is usually enough to diagnose Peyronie’s disease, but sometimes an ultrasound or another test can help with diagnosis. As for treatment, there are definitely options out there! The treatment we’ll recommend at our clinic depends on how long it’s been since you started having symptoms. Possible treatments include:

Penile traction therapy – Best used early in the disease process. This prevents length loss and minimizes curvature.
Medical and injection therapies – Can work well early on and provide significant symptom relief.
Medications – Could work well early on too. Includes collagenase (Xiaflex), verapamil, and interferon.
Surgery – This is recommended only when the disease has stabilized. At American Male Medical, we won’t recommend surgery unless we believe it’s absolutely necessary.
Stem-cell therapy and PRP therapy – These therapies may help many patients, as they can heal scar tissue.
Shock wave therapy – Can be effective too, and we provide this treatment option and many others here at American Male Medical.

We’re able to provide most of these treatments at our clinic, and one or more of them could benefit you greatly. The various therapies take time to work but can work very well for many patients.

How much time does it take to cure Peyronie’s disease?

Although there isn’t a cure for Peyronie’s disease, the symptoms can be treated and managed effectively. A therapy like penile traction therapy will usually take several months, but the symptoms can be improved significantly and the benefits can be drastic and life-changing. Surgery may offer more permanent results, but you might not ever need it.

The first step is to have a simple consultation with us here at American Male Medical. In your consultation, we’ll ask about your symptoms, and if we suspect Peyronie’s disease or another issue, we’ll proceed with a physical. We can provide any other tests you’ll need for an accurate diagnosis. After your consultation, and if you do have Peyronie’s disease, then we’ll be able to provide any treatment or combination of treatments necessary.

Do you provide Peyronie’s disease treatment in Nashville, TN?

Yes, we do! We have a Nashville location over at 1900 Patterson Street Suite 202 Nashville, TN 37203. At this location, we provide all of the services you’ll need for both diagnosis and treatment. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help or to book your consultation with us. You can also book that consultation with us online. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you with your issue.

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