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Hormone Doctors in Lewisville TX, Nashville TN, Sherman Oaks & Irvine CA

Hormone Doctors in Lewisville TX, Nashville TN, Sherman Oaks & Irvine CA

Hormone replacement methods are available naturally or through our hormone replacement therapies which will be monitored by our specialist. Contact American Male Medical today if you believe you have symptoms of hormone imbalances and want to get tested. We have convenient locations to serve you in Lewisville TX, Sherman Oaks CA, Irvine CA, and Nashville TN. For more information, please contact us or request an appointment online.

Hormone Doctors Near Me in Lewisville TX, Nashville TN, Sherman Oaks & Irvine CA
Hormone Doctors Near Me in Lewisville TX, Nashville TN, Sherman Oaks & Irvine CA

Table of Contents:

How do I know if I have a hormone imbalance?
When should I get my hormone levels checked?
How do you fix hormonal imbalance?
Is it possible to balance hormones naturally?

How do I know if I have a hormone imbalance?

There are many different symptoms that will suggest a hormone imbalance, a few of these symptoms include:
• Fatigue
• Bloating
• Irritability
• Hair loss
• Palpitations
• Mood swings
• Issues concentrating
• Issues with your blood sugar
• Infertility
• Erectile dysfunction
• Acne
Hormones are compounds that affect every cell within the body, as well, hormone imbalance can be quite debilitating. There are normal hormonal shifts that occur including seasonal fluctuations while other fluctuations could be due to a medical condition or medication.

When should I get my hormone levels checked?

While not everyone’s symptoms will be the same, symptoms that may suggest a hormone imbalance, as well as the intensity and severity of the symptoms, include:
• Bloating
• Tenderness and swelling occurring within the breasts
• Fibrocystic lumps found in the breasts
• Acne
• Decreased sex drive
• Mood swings
• Headaches
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Night sweats or hot flashes
• Weight gain
• Increased body fat
• Erectile dysfunction
• Low sperm count
• Decreased bone mass
If any of the above symptoms cannot be resolved, then hormone testing is highly recommended to get a better picture of exactly what may be going on within the patient’s body.
We are able to test hormone levels in several different ways, either by urine, blood, or saliva. The right test for you will greatly depend on the symptoms you are dealing with, as well as any diagnosed conditions. It is important that your provider test your estrogen metabolites as well as the circadian rhythm of the cortisol to obtain an entire picture of your hormones to evaluate and diagnose any potential hormone imbalances.

How do you fix hormonal imbalance?

There are several natural ways in which you can work to start to try and balance your hormones yourself, if these do not work, taking the next steps towards fixing your hormonal imbalance may include medications from your provider or other options.
1. Get enough protein in your diet at every meal
Eating enough protein will help trigger the production of peptide hormones, some of which suppress appetite and even help you feel full.
2. Regular exercise is good for you
Regular exercise including aerobics, walking, strength training, as well as other forms of exercise help modify hormone levels to reduce the risk of disease while preventing muscle mass which declines as you age.
3. Stay at a moderately healthy weight
Maintaining a healthy moderate weight can help with your hormone health, as obesity is strongly related to hormonal imbalances which can impair insulin sensitivity and fertility.
4. Practice good gut health
Healthy gut microbiomes have been talked about a lot lately, as they can positively influence several aspects of the body including hormones that regulate your appetite and reduce insulin resistance.
5. Reduce your sugar intake
Diets that are high in sugar are shown to promote insulin resistance, reduce leptin production, and disrupt your gut microbiome. In the end, it will lower your sugar intake which may aid in hormonal health.
6. Improve your stress reduction techniques
Try out stress-reducing activities like meditation, yoga, as well as other soothing activities which can help to normalize your stress levels of the hormone cortisol.
7. Get enough healthy fats in your diet
Intaking healthy fats help to reduce insulin resistance as well as levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
8. Try to get consistent, high-quality sleep
Poor sleep can affect many aspects of the individual body, but it also has been shown to increase hunger and stress hormones, decrease fullness hormones, and increase insulin resistance.
9. Stay on a high fibre diet
High fibre diets are linked to improvements in insulin sensitivities and it also helps the hormones which control fullness, hunger, and food intake.
10. Try the Mediterranean diet
If you replace your high red meat, processed and refined foods with a Mediterranean-style diet that is rich in legumes, whole grains, and fish, all of which help to manage your estrogen levels.
Other available methods include our Hormone Replacement Therapy. Our hormone replacement therapy can help enhance performance, works great for anti-aging remedies, and balances hormones.

Is it possible to balance hormones naturally?

Absolutely! As mentioned above, there are 10 different ways you can balance your hormones naturally; however, if balancing your hormones naturally does not work, we have other options available that can help.
For further information, give us a call or request an appointment online. We have convenient locations in Lewisville TX, Sherman Oaks CA, Irvine CA, and Nashville TN. We serve patients from Lewisville TX, Sherman Oaks CA, Irvine CA, Nashville TN, Carrollton TX, Flower Mound TX, Los Angeles CA, Tustin, CA, and Oak Hill TN.

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