Hair Restoration Treatment in Irvine, CA

Hair Restoration Treatment in Irvine, CA

Want to restore your hair to its former glory? We can help here at American Male Medical! There are a number of effective techniques for hair restoration, so reach out to us. Call us today. We are located in Lewisville (Near Dallas TX), Nashville TN, Sherman Oaks and Irvine CA. Schedule your appointment today.

Hair Restoration Treatment in Irvine, CA
Hair Restoration Treatment in Irvine, CA

What do I need to know about hair loss?

Hair loss is natural, common, and treatable in many cases. However, it’s not all quite as simple as that. Here are some simple facts about hair loss in American men:

  • Every day, a man loses over 100 hairs from his scalp, and although most men grow these hairs back, many men don’t or can’t
  • Often, the cause of hair loss has to do with age, genetics, hormonal changes, stress, a medical condition like diabetes, a nutritional deficiency, or a side effect of a medical procedure like chemotherapy
  • About 50% of a man’s hair is already lost when he first notices hair loss
  • About 85% of American men have thinning hair before or at age 50
  • Around 70% of men say their hair is a big part of their image
  • Hair loss cannot improve without medical intervention
  • Each year, 133,000 hair transplants are performed in the United States, and many thousands of other treatments are provided too

At American Male Medical, we provide many long-term and even permanent solutions for thinning hair. Many methods can actually stimulate hair regrowth in the treated area and offer a natural look a man can feel good about!

What are the hair restoration treatments?

The common methods used are clinically proven to work for hair loss. One of these methods could easily work for you. These methods include:

  • FDA-proven prescription medications
  • Mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosome treatments
  • Scalp micropigmentation
  • Minimally invasive hair transplantation
  • Laser therapies
  • And other methods

With a method like hair transplantation, a patient can get significant density in his thinning areas. In many cases, a patient can get new growth of natural hair at around four to six months. And thanks to modern technologies, a patient will have minimal downtime after a procedure.

Laser therapies can work well for many patients, improving hair density and stimulating hair follicles for new growth. These therapies are noninvasive, so they may be best for you.

There are lots of options available, and they work! One is very likely to work for you and your needs.

Does hair restoration really work?

Yes, it really can! It depends on the patient’s particular case and the cause of his hair loss, but one of the treatments we mentioned above could easily work for you. Hair restoration treatment can offer long term results, actually promoting healthy hair regrowth and providing the results you’ve been hoping for. If what you want is a head of healthy, thick hair, get in touch with us at American Male Medical. We’ll get you in for a consultation, then we’ll determine what could be causing your hair loss and what the best method for treatment will be.

Do you offer hair restoration treatment in Irvine, CA?

Yes, we do! American Male Medical offers a number of treatments, and we’re located over at 62 Corporate Park Suite 140 Irvine, CA 92606. You’re very welcome to contact us at (949) 565-2406, and you can book a consultation with us at that number. Alternatively, you can book your consultation with us online. Give us a call today so we can get you started right away on your hair restoration! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your hair restoration.

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