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FDA Warning On Ed Drugs

FDA Warning On Ed Drugs

The FDA issued a warning that unapproved Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs are being advertised over the internet and radio without a prescription.

FDA Warning On Ed Drugs
FDA Warning On Ed Drugs

The sildenafil dosage is particularly dangerous for the elderly and those with impaired liver or kidney function.

When sildenafil interacts with nitrates blood pressure can plummet.

The drugs are touted as a “healthy alternative to the little blue pill” or “the Power Pill” according to the FDA.

From the team at American Male Medical:

WHY would ANYONE risk their health just to save a few dollars by purchasing medication over the internet??!!

It’s like playing Russian Roulette with only one empty chamber instead of only one bullet.

Erectile Dysfunction is a medical condition. If you’re suffering from it seek professional health from a licensed physician, NOT the internet.

Our licensed physicians have been treating Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Low Testosterone for over twelve years, using a compound medication customized for each individual patient to meet their specific wants and needs.

Our treatment uses FDA approved ingredients and has proven successful in helping 97% of men with their ED problems.

In life, there are some things you seek to save money on by skimping. Maybe you choose the generic brand of ketchup at the grocery store, or the cheaper grade of gasoline at the pump. Maybe you buy your household cleaning products at The 99 Cent Store. But your health is NOT one of the things you seek to go cheap on. There is a reason the saying, “Penny-wise, pound foolish” exists.

Prescriptions medications purchased over the internet is a gamble. DON’T gamble with your health.

Erectile Dysfunction is a medical condition that if not treated properly can lead to other health problems.

Call American Male Medical today for an appointment with one of our experienced, licensed physicians and get the help you need.

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