Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Nashville, TN

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Nashville, TN

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms commonly associated with ED, come see us here at American Male Medical. We’re your local provider of erectile dysfunction treatment in Nashville, TN. Visit us at 1900 Patterson Street Suite 202, Nashville, TN 37203.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Nashville, TN
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Nashville, TN

Did you know that erectile dysfunction is actually quite common? The real problem is that many men just don’t talk about it with their partner or with a professional. This has consequences, especially if the cause of a man’s erectile dysfunction is low testosterone. Here at American Male Medical, we can treat erectile dysfunction and its causes, and we have a location near you. Contact us today to learn more about erectile dysfunction treatment in Nashville, TN.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that occurs when a man isn’t able to get or keep an erection. This can make sexual activity difficult or impossible, and it can also affect a man’s confidence. However, ED is actually very common and even natural. For example, age can be a factor in ED, as with age, testosterone levels drop naturally. But just because ED can happen naturally, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be addressed!

What causes erectile dysfunction?

It’s true that ED can have natural causes, like lower testosterone levels due to aging. Sometimes ED is caused by a chronic health condition like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a heart condition, obesity, or diabetes, and other times ED is caused by restricted blood flow in the area. Professionals can address these issues and thus treat the causes of ED. There are times when ED isn’t so natural, like when it’s caused by medication, and in this instance, the solution might be as simple as changing medications, but this should be done with the advice of a professional like one of ours here at American Male Medical.

Can ED be cured?

At our clinic, our professionals can diagnose ED and treat its causes. Sometimes treatment involves medication, while other times there are better options for treatment, like wave therapy. Or when low testosterone is the cause of a man’s ED, testosterone replacement therapy may be the best option for treatment. In many patient cases, the symptoms of ED can be relieved greatly, and in many others, the condition itself can be cured entirely! Let’s talk more about the treatments out there for ED.

Are there any side effects to erectile dysfunction treatments?

You might have heard about some of the prescription meds available for ED. There are some problems with these medications, like how they tend to address the symptoms of ED and not necessarily the underlying causes, and, as you might be thinking, these medications have side effects. At an ED treatment clinic like ours, the professionals offer FDA-approved medications, but medication isn’t the only treatment for ED. There are many other treatments that may be much better for you and your particular case of ED, and they may have fewer side effects. For example, the side effects of wave therapy could be considered negligible!

How do I know which erectile dysfunction treatment is best for me?

At American Male Medical, we offer many different treatments for ED, like sublingual tablets, Trimix injections, and wave therapy. Wave therapy is amazing, as it can actually increase blood flow in blood vessels and stimulate the development of new blood vessels. The treatment is very safe, and there are very few and generally minimal side effects. Also, the therapy can fix ED altogether in many cases! For patients whose ED is caused by low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy will help with the ED while improving energy levels, mental clarity, and sex drive. With this therapy, many patients report an overall better feeling in their life.

American Male Medical offers all of the treatments we’ve mentioned. You might not know which treatment is best for you until you understand the cause of your case of ED. We can help with this and provide the absolute best treatment for you and your particular health needs. The first step is to call us at (615) 913-5991 to book a consultation with us, or you can book with us online. Once you’re ready to come in for your appointment, you’ll find our clinic at 1900 Patterson Street Suite 202, Nashville, TN 37203. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you with your health!

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