ED Doctor in Lewisville Near Dallas, TX

ED Doctor in Lewisville Near Dallas, TX

American Male Medical has expert doctors that have successfully treated male erectile dysfunction for over 20 years. Our Lewisville based men’s clinic services the Lewisville and surrounding Dallas, TX area. Book an appointment online or call us. We are open Tuesday-Saturday.

ED Doctor in Lewisville Near Dallas, TX
ED Doctor in Lewisville Near Dallas, TX

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, often called ED for short, can suffer from a range of physical and emotional symptoms that may have a drastically negative impact on their relationships, feelings of self-worth, and daily life. At American Male Medical, our experienced ED doctors offer support and treatment for patients with erectile dysfunction, so they can enjoy healthier sexual relationships and an improved sense of confidence. We prioritize your comfort and understand the importance of discretion when providing important ED treatments for men in the Dallas, TX area.

Why do I have erectile dysfunction?

There are many different factors that could be contributing to your ED symptoms, and your doctor will take the time to discuss your history with you, so they can fully understand what might be causing your erectile dysfunction. The most obvious and common reason for men to begin experiencing ED is age. As a natural part of the aging process, your body will stop producing as much testosterone as it once did, which can have a negative impact on your ability to have or maintain an erection. Obesity, certain medications, and even emotional distress can all contribute to your symptoms. When you make an appointment with an ED doctor at American Male Medical, your provider will discuss all of your symptoms, as well as your complete medical history, so they can understand the broader implications of your ED symptoms and devise an effective treatment plan.

Do a lot of people suffer from ED?

While talking about erectile dysfunction can often feel embarrassing for men, it is important to remember that you are not alone. It is estimated that anywhere between 15-30 million American men suffer from ED. Because of decreased testosterone levels, most men aged 50 or older are ate a relatively high risk for developing ED symptoms, though it is not that unusual for men in their 30s or 40s to suffer from it as well. When you schedule an appointment with American Male Medical, you will be entrusting your care to doctors who have dedicated themselves to the specific medical needs of men, and who can offer confidential and compassionate treatment that will effectively address your ED symptoms.

What types of treatments are available?

American Male Medical recognizes that men like to have choices when seeking help with their ED. During the consultation that opens your visit, the doctors will discuss with you the various options they offer, such as sublingual tablets, trimix and Wave therapy.

If you are looking for an ED doctor near you in the Dallas, TX area, contact American Male Medical today. We specialize in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and other health concerns men face. We are conveniently located in nearby Lewisville, and can provide the personalized care you need to effectively address your ED symptoms.

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