ED Clinic in Lewisville Near Dallas, TX

ED Clinic in Lewisville Near Dallas, TX

American Male Medical is an Erectile Dysfunction clinic in the Lewisville, Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. Our experts specialize in improving men’s sexual performance and health. Call us for more information. Schedule an appointment. Visit us at our location in Lewisville near Dallas, TX.

ED Clinic in Lewisville Near Dallas, TX
ED Clinic in Lewisville Near Dallas, TX

When your erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms begin negatively impacting your relationships or mental health, it is time to speak with a specialist who understands the best treatments for you. For patients in the Dallas, TX area, American Male Medical in Lewisville can provide customized treatment options that will effectively address your ED, so you can enjoy the benefits of increased sex drive and confidence in your performance. There are a plethora of prescription and herbal treatments advertised as a remedy to erectile dysfunction, but none of them are proven effective. Only an experienced ED doctor can offer you the kind of medication and personalized care you need to address your issues.

Can my PCP prescribe me something for my ED?

When you first begin experiencing erectile dysfunction, you may decide to speak with your primary care doctor about it. However, most PCP’s will only have access to the most common ED treatment options, such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, which do not work for many men, and are expensive.

You need an ED specialist, at a clinic that can provide you with a broader range of options for treatment. By speaking with a doctor who has comprehensive experience treating patients with erectile dysfunction, you will increase the chance that you will find a truly effective answer to your ED problems.

Can herbal supplements help with my erectile dysfunction?

There are a wide array of herbal supplements and home remedies touted by purveyors on television and the Internet as an effective treatment option for men with ED. It is important to remember that these supplements are in no way regulated and can often include undisclosed substances that are at best ineffective and at worst potentially harmful. Those who try to sell herbal supplements to men struggling with ED do so because they understand that it can be a difficult thing to talk about. Their goal is to make money off of men who are too embarrassed to discuss their symptoms with a medical professional. Herbal supplements for ED treatment are not regulated or screened by the FDA, so rather than taking a chance on a potentially harmful DIY concoction, you should take the time to discuss your condition with a medical professional who will offer you access to safe and proven treatment options.

Why should I choose American Male Medical?

Our ED clinic in Lewisville, TX offers a wider range of treatment options for men experiencing erectile dysfunction. We have experience helping men from all different backgrounds achieve relief from their ED symptoms, so they can effectively address their condition. Not only do we provide compound medications utilizing FDA-approved ingredients that can effectively address ED even when other medications have failed, but we also have experience treating men with other medical conditions that can contribute to ED symptoms. Men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other cardiovascular issues are at a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction, and their ED treatment needs to effectively address their symptoms without interfering with other medications they may be taking. At our ED clinic, our physicians understand how to calibrate your treatment needs, so they can work without negatively impacting other aspects of your health.

If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction symptoms and are looking for an ED clinic near you in the Dallas, TX area, contact American Male Medical today to schedule an appointment. Our ED specialists will help you by developing a customized treatment plan designed just for you. We offer compassionate support in a discreet and welcoming office, where you can feel confident in the treatment you receive.  Call us today or go online to schedule your first appointment.

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