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Can Bike Riding Cause ED?

Can Bike Riding Cause ED?

Continue reading to learn more about the impacts of biking on men’s sexual health. Contact us for more information.

Can Bike Riding Cause ED? | American Male Medical
Can Bike Riding Cause ED? | American Male Medical

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Our topic: Can Bicycle Riding Cause Numbness and Erectile Dysfunction?


In the 1980s, there were multiple reports of male cyclists developing a constellation of symptoms after long-distance bicycle rides including perineal/genital numbness and erectile dysfunction.

A study of men engaging in a long-distance cycling event (330 miles) demonstrated 21% experience persistent numbness. And 13% of men experience erectile dysfunction. Although these symptoms were observed in cyclists engaging in events with prolonged time in the saddle, the relationship between cycling and erectile dysfunction received a substantial amount of attention and press leading to concerns about increased rates of erectile dysfunction in recreational cyclists.

Multiple studies demonstrated a decrease in blood flow to the penis while sitting on the saddle. This can be a potential mechanism for erectile dysfunction in cyclists.

Using a very simple spring-loaded seat post-shock absorber, we were able to demonstrate a 50% reduction in the pressure associated with riding. Thus, we believe that for those cyclists engaging in cycling events with prolonged time in the saddle, there may be a role for shock absorption in relieving the numbness and erectile dysfunction seen in this population.


The purpose of exercising is to maintain good health. If you’re gaining cardio fitness, what good does it do if you’re debilitating other areas of your body?

Bike riding can improve your cardiovascular system, decrease body fat, increase muscle strength, and relieve stress. If you’re going to ride then be aware there can be detriments to the activity.

Outfit yourself properly. AMMC will not be adding shock-absorbing bicycle seats to our line of treatment products, but, you get the picture.

If you ride a bicycle, invest in a seat that will assist in avoiding genital numbness and erectile dysfunction. Or switch to a Harley.

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